What is MyOnlineYardSign.com?

MyOnlineYardSign is a patent pending system that applies your branding and contact information to your listing photos in a few easy steps. This system was built exclusively for real estate professionals including home builders and developers.

Why should I use MyOnlineYardSign.com?

The short answer? Because you, the listing agent deserve credit for your listing! When your listing is syndicated to the world your branding will now go with it.

Here’s the long answer. As a Real estate professional you work hard to develop relationships with home sellers. You invest thousands marketing to prospective sellers sometimes over the span of many years. The time then comes when they call on you to list and you work hard earning their trust and the responsibility of selling their home. You invest time preparing the home for the market with thoughtful descriptions, room measurements, and beautiful photos often times by a professional photographer at a high cost to you. You then carefully enter this information accurately into your local MLS or other database. All of these activities come at considerable cost in money and time. What happens next? The listing is syndicated to a myriad of places including third party listing portals and your competitors web sites. 

And what about your company brand? For some you may be an independent agent with your own brand. Maybe you are a boutique company looking for brand recognition from your growing market share. Maybe your brand has a legacy that goes back decades. Brokers, owners, and franchises work hard supporting agents, they also deserve attribution for the company listings.

At MyOnlineYardSign.com we believe listing syndication is a good thing, and we believe most of you do too. It’s good for you because it’s good for your client which is your number one priority. What’s not right, or fair, is that all of your hard work has essentially been severed from you the listing agent. Not any more, with MyOnlineYardSign.com you can apply your personal and company branding to your photos.

Are the Agents who use MyOnlineYardSign just trying to double side listings?

The bottom line is that every agent since the formation of the modern real estate practice has the free will as it relates to representing both the buyer and the seller. It is up to agent individually, their brokerage, local regulations and the industry as a whole to be professionals who represent the public with the utmost care and skill. Think agents who put a sign in the yard are simply marketing the property, they are marketing themselves, and they are looking to meet new buyers. The same applies for MyOnlineYardSign.com.

Will my MLS allow me to use MyOnlineYardSign.com?

You will have to contact your local MLS to find out. We’ve compiled a variety of resources if you have trouble getting your local MLS to adopt branded photos. Historically some MLS systems have not allowed this. We speculate this was for good reasons at the time. Without a standard system like MyOnlineYardSign.com agents could potentially abuse the opportunity to place obtrusive text or imagery within the listing photos. The MLS systems, Boards of REALTORS®, and agents are at a critical time in our industry. We need to innovate, we have to be aggressive, and we have to keep what’s ours.

How can MyOnlineYardSign.com be free?

We’ve made a very deliberate and careful choice to make MyOnlineYardSign.com free. We do intend to monetize the the site through a variety of channels. One of those channels is through advertising to the agents who use the site. We intend to connect agents who use the MyOnlineYardSign.com service with reputable companies who may already be your affiliate partners in your local market.

Are there more custom options available through MyOnlineYardSign.com?

We will continue to add options to the MyOnlineYardSign.com website including additional branding options. Among our top priorities is the idea that the branding should never detract from the listing photo itself.

Technical Questions

My company logo is not in the drop down menu?

You can upload your own logo by choosing "Other" in the drop down menu then uploading your logo from your computer with the "choose file" button. Our system will size your logo correctly for the space available. 

When I upload my own logo why does it look small?

Some logos have a lot of white space around them, our system sizes this logo based on the total size of the image. If you can remove some of the white space using a cropping tool this will increase the finished size of the logo.

I never received an email after finishing the process?

Each email service provider, whether it be Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, or the email provided by your company have different filters which can cause the email we send you to go into a spam folder. Be sure to check your spam. If you find the email be sure to move it to your inbox so that future emails will have a better chance of being delivered. If you still don't receive your email you can re-start the process using a backup email account. Be sure to use this email in step one. We recommend Gmail. 

Can I upload my branded photos to the third party listing portals?

That is up to you and we believe it's a great idea. You and your brokerage own the photos and represent the seller, you and your brokerage deserve listing attribution. 

How long does MyOnlineYardSign keep my photos?

Because of the enormous file storage requirement associated with photos we can only keep the photos for 24 hours. 

Do you resize my photos?

Yes we do resize the photos. This is normal across most systems including the MLS and other listing websites. We resize your photos to the HD standard of 1920x1080 unless your photos have a different aspect ratio.  

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