This page will to assist you with important questions and logistics you may encounter when using MyOnlineYardSign. One important logistic is to determine the policy your local MLS has regarding altered photos.

Because is a new concept, we don’t know what to expect from the local MLS systems at this time. With over 800 MLS systems nationwide there will be different reactions. On this page we plan to provide resources to the agent community for starting a conversation with your local MLS. 

  • My local MLS has not been receptive to branded photos, what can I do?

Talk to other agents in your office including your managing broker as well as agents and brokers from other offices. Let them know about and the benefits of adding branding to their listing photos. Ask those agents if they have any trusted contacts at the local MLS who would consider meeting to discuss the benefits of photo branding. 

Consider a "pull strategy" as opposed to a "push strategy" before you go on the offensive. Ask the local MLS if they want to be innovators and leaders to support the agents who subscribe to their service. Ask your local MLS for a round table discussion with their leadership and bring the influential agents in your community to have their voices heard. 

  • My MLS will not budge, what should I do?

Realize that the MLS is a complex business and they are being pulled in many directions, we encourage agents to avoid being antagonistic. One option would be to start a petition. A petition will allow you and the MLS to get a sense of how many agents are interested in photo branding. We encourage you to do this to give your MLS leadership a sense of how many agents would like to have the option. Take a look at GoPetition, this is a free resource where you can start a petition as well as get other tools for affecting change. GoPetition also has social media tools which will help agents share ideas and opinions. 

  • Consider uploading direct to the Portals

Companies like Zillow, Trulia, and are spending millions in advertising to attract prospective homebuyers to their website. By branding your photos and uploading them to these sites you can leverage their high visibility. Here is a tutorial video to walk you through the process.

Know what the industry is saying about our profession

Below are very short excerpts from recent articles about the rapidly changing landscape of the real estate industry. At BreakthroughBroker and MyOnlineYardSign we realize most agents don't know or care much about the industry hype. Frankly we don't blame you. You have your hands full running your business. The reality is, change is on the horizon and we believe now is a very important time for agents to innovate and take action.

From an opinions column in Inman News August 1, 2014

“Agents who adapt and evolve will survive. The big question here is whether the multiple listing service will survive. - Geoff Bray is the owner of Bray Homes of Eden Prairie, Minnesota-based Re/Max Results.

Read the full article HERE

From an open letter to agents with San Francisco Bay Area real estate brokerage July 28, 2014

quoted from Inman News

“It’s time our industry “skates to where the puck is going to be.” -Pacific Union International CEO Mark McLaughlin

Read the full article HERE

Inman News July 25, 2014

“The traditional brokerage and franchise industry is losing ground quickly to Zillow and it needs to make some game changing moves to protect their enterprise.” -Brad Inman

Read the full article HERE

Business Insider--on the actions after the Zillow, Trulia merger July 26, 2014

Local MLS companies do nothing.” -Jim Klinge,*

*This article originally appeared at

Read the full article HERE

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